Time – Energy – Thought

“In the beginning….”

…. is to come into being, and thus begins the concept of TIME, for us, our world and our cosmos. Many centuries ago, Maimonides, a physician, philosopher and codifier of the Jewish Talmud wrote: “God created everything out of nothing. Time is also a divine creation, since without a moving thing there cannot be motion, and without motion there is no time.”[2]

Long before Maimonides, King Solomon, known as the wisest man of his era, wrote in one of his poems: “Nothing stands still…created things run their courses, and do their works, and they know not how to stand idle.” Much of King Solomon’s poetry is not in the Bible, but a modern translation of this particular text reads: “Created things follow a pattern. They do not know rest.”[3]

Contemporary science now knows what Maimonides knew centuries ago, and King Solomon had surmised millennia before him. It is a scientific fact that everything that exists – all of creation – came from nothing. The solids, liquids and gasses of matter, that we can see, hear, smell, taste and touch, are created from energy in constant motion. It cannot stand idle, and knows not how to rest.

As Bob Hurman, author of, “Much Ado About Nothing” Discover Magazine 1990, mentioned in his article: “Each of your fingertips, for instance, contains a trillion atoms. Surprisingly, there is still plenty of nothing in those fingertips. At least 99,995 percent of the mass of each atom resides in a tiny nucleus composed of protons and neutrons. If a typical atom were the size of a football field, the nucleus would be a grain of salt at midfield. A cloud of electrons marks the atom’s outer bounds; and the rest is void.”

The four building blocks of energy in the physical universe – that we know of – are the gravitational force, electromagnetic force, and the weak and strong nuclear forces. From these energy fields the solids, liquids and gasses came to be. Physical matter is nothing but spaces filled with energy that cannot stand idle: E=mc2.

Energy is vigour, motion and action. It is the source of all that exists, but energy has no source. It did not originate from anything, and did not come from anywhere. It was not made or born, and it cannot die or be destroyed. It is the all-embracing power of all that exists.

As one form of matter dies, or is destroyed, another form of matter rises from it, follows a designated pattern of evolution and knows not how to rest. As a circle with no beginning and no ending, energy is forever; the Alpha and Omega of all creation. It never had a beginning, and it will never end. Energy JUST IS!

“Millennia passed before humankind discovered that energy is the basis of matter. It may take a few more years before we prove that wisdom and knowledge are the basis of, and can actually create energy which in turn creates matter.” (Gerald L. Schroeder)

The most profound and phenomenal Energy of all energy, is the omnipotent force of “THOUGHT” – the act or process of the mind, actively and deliberately, in thinking an idea or concept of a specific kind. The Power of Thought; its Consciousness and Wisdom is the Light of Life. There can be no life without “Thought”. THOUGHT is LIFE!

Within every microscopic cell in every life form, there is a process that thinks its way through its lifespan and that of its host. From the microbe to the great blue whale and the giant Sequoia tree there is the enigmatic essence of “thought”; be it conscious or subliminal.

“Every particle, every being, from atom to human, appears to have within it a level of information, of conscious wisdom.” [4]

All shapes and sizes of living creatures are fragments of the Eternal Hologram: “I think, therefore, I am.” Each and every one of us, complete and whole in the all-embracing: “I AM THAT I AM.” (Exodus 3:14)

[2] (1968). The Sacred Books of the Jews. 194.New York: Stein & Day Publishers.

[3] Willis Barnstone, Ed. Odes of Solomon, Ode 16: The Other Bible – Ancient Manuscripts. 277.New York: Harper Collins.

[4] Prologue, The Hidden Face Of God, (2001)

[Excerpt from Chapter One: Alpha & Omega]

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