The Levels of Creation


God always was.


(Also known as:) The third heaven, the heaven of heavens, God’s throne, paradise.

The third heaven, or the heavens of heavens. It is the central sphere of Light from which all things were created, and that is God. The Bible refers to it as the throne of God.

≈       Celestial life is in the third heaven.

≈       It was this celestial heaven that was established and populated first.

≈       It’s principalities and dominions, thrones and powers, are populated with beings that are not made of matter, but rather a force of energy known as spirit.

≈       Spirits are clothed in light.

≈       These heavenly entities are the LORDS (New Testament – Lords), the archangels, angelic hosts of helpers, angels and seraphim. They were created for one purpose only and that is to serve the Light that is God.

≈       The LORDS are the embodiment of God.

A Closer look at the Entities of heaven

The hosts of heaven are invisible to us. They are closer to the Light, so they are of a much higher vibration than we who dwell in the depth of God.

The Pistis Sophia contains the fragmented gospels that have survived from an ancient Gnostic Bible that was called The Books of the Saviour and dates approximately 200 AD. These gospels have preserved the secret mysteries of the worlds of the invisibles, as Jesus taught his initiates after the crucifixion and before his ascension into heaven.

The LORDS are the embodiment of God in the third heaven. They were created and ordained to be intermediaries between God and humankind and they have the power and authority to speak and act in the name of God. In essence, they are God, but they are below God. They are what we would today call the LORDS of God and the names of these LORDS are seldom mentioned in the Bible because they speak for God and not of themselves.

Angels and archangels

≈       The archangels and their hosts of angels are the messengers and helpers of the LORDS of God. We cannot see them either, because they are of a higher vibration of energy than we are, and matter is the lowest of vibrations.

Seraphim (page 16) and cherubims (page 17)

≈       Seraphim are entities of the third heaven

≈       Seraphim, according to the Bible have six wings and appeared to be more like a very intelligent creature than an angel, while angels have been described in the Bible as having human form.

≈       Cherubims are described as a communication instrument and an electronically based sky ship.

≈       Cherubims are first mentioned in Genesis 3:24, when Adam and Eve were removed from the Garden of Eden, and a flaming sword and Cherubims were placed at the entrance.

≈       In Exodus 25:19-22, the LORD gives Moses instructions on making a sanctuary and a place for the safekeeping of the testimony that he will give them.

The Divine Throne-Chariot

≈       Qumran scrolls also refer to it as the Merkabah.

≈       The Jewish people referred to it as Angelic cherubims

In India, Sanskrit texts contain accounts of flying ships that “go on their own force like a bird, on earth, on water, or in the air.” It was known as Vimana.