When verses throughout the Bible are combined with excluded manuscripts and modern scientific discoveries, key words in Genesis chapters 1-11 and some portions of Exodus will reveal the scope of each verse, and the Bible can be deciphered.

Chapter 1 Alpha and Omega

Genesis 1:1 “In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth.”

The definition of the words: beginning, God, created, heaven, and earth reveal the information that is vital to our understanding of all the concepts to follow; when it all began, what God is, what creation really means, where heaven is and who is up there, and what earth really is.

Chapter 2 “Six Days”

Genesis 1:2 – 1:31

This chapter consists of six sections – a section for each “day” of creation. The verses pertaining to each day are examined, and the passages on creation and evolution will answer many, if not all, of our most asked questions about the universe. The Bible corroborates the “Big Bang” theory, and offers astounding information on our origin; we had a lot of help starting out on a young planet.

Chapter 3 The Sabbath

Genesis 2:1 – 2:3

The seventh day was intended as a “rest” for humankind. Nothing has been created since the eve of the sixth day, so it is still the seventh day. This rest is a short pause in the breath of God.

Chapter 4 The LORD God

Genesis 2:4 – 2:6

It has always been assumed that two different authors wrote the first couple of chapters of Genesis because of the change in writing style. The misinterpretation arises as a result of the incorrect definition of the words: generations, heavens, LORD God, created, and made.

Chapter 5 The Potter and the Clay

Genesis 2:7

Adam was molded from clay just as we all are; we are made of matter. The modern Homo sapien is the missing link in the origin of man. Science has noted that modern man seems to have been genetically altered and, according to the Bible, they are correct.

Chapter 6 The Garden of Eden

Genesis 2:8 – 2:14

Geographic details are included in these verses as to where the Garden of Eden was located. Adam was born and cared for in this “cradle of civilization” and was surrounded by many beautiful trees. Two of these” trees” are highly symbolic of man’s enlightenment and of living the cosmic union of body and soul.

Chapter 7 Adam’s Rib

Genesis 2:15 – 2:25

We are merely on the brink of comprehending the genetic procedure and the symbolism of Eve’s birth. There is no magic and there is no mystery – it is science in its master form. Genetic engineering is nothing new!

Chapter 8 Paradise Lost

Genesis 3:1 – 3:24

These verses evoke a vague feeling that deep in our subconscious, we are aware of a paradise lost, and we strive to get it back – whether we realize it or not. There is a very powerful message hidden in the symbolism of Adam and Eve being driven from the garden; our world always has a choice between good and evil, and it is our thought that keeps paradise lost.

Chapter 9 Giants and Men of Renown

Genesis 4:1 – 6:4

The story of Cain and Abel serves as an example of what humankind is capable of. The effect of our choice will follow us for a very long time. This chapter allows us to reflect on a period of time when the earth was in serious danger, and it is essential that we learn from the mistakes of the past.

Chapter 10 Shem, Ham and Japheth

Genesis 6:5 – 11:10

This is the story of Noah and the ark. There is part truth and part fable to these chapters, but the fable has been proclaimed as truth throughout the world. The laws of nature have not changed since ancient times; it is impossible for a flood to cover the entire planet. However, the Bible describes an earthquake and a tidal wave and not a flood.

Chapter 11 Jasher

The Book of Jasher was an ancient scroll found in what is now Iran sometime in the century of 700 A.D. It is in sharp contrast to the books of Moses in some of its writings, and yet Jasher knew Moses personally, was his constant companion, and was valet of his rod. This chapter is a real ‘eye opener’ for Bible readers and historians alike.

Chapter 12 The Breath of God

The cosmos is expanding. All of science is aware of this phenomenon, but what they do not know is how long it will continue to expand. When will it begin to contract? Or even will it? The Bible has a great deal to say about this mystery, and the part that we, as humans, play in the universe. It tells us why we are here, and who we really are in the grand scheme of things. The cosmos will expand and contract, and then it will expand again – Forever!