Authors Note

In the Bible, the symbol for life is water. It is a perfect symbol. The Bible speaks of there being ‘many waters’ in the heavens, and there are ‘peoples and nations and tongues’.

We are not alone, and I was intrigued! Persistently, I searched the Bible for other hidden treasures that we may have lost through misinterpretation. I found more than I had expected to find and, for the next year, I indulged myself in gathering notes on bits of paper and storing them in a cardboard box in a drawer.

I furtively believed that the world was millions of years old, dinosaurs once roamed the earth, and that we are primates. I also believed that the Bible was the Word of God which supposedly contradicted the theory of evolution. What was the truth?

Three decades passed…The coming of the 21st century, however, has also brought turmoil between religion and science. It was time to retrieve the old cardboard box and, in 1998, I began to write The Many Waters.

Lauretta E. Lueck
Calgary, Alberta
May 2000

Lauretta Lueck founded Rosetta Stone Press in September 2000. In 2015 the author passed away at the age of 80 years old.