Evolution is a law of the Cosmos

God created the process of evolution as the main physical law of the cosmos. God did not create energy and its many forces of light–God is Light. God did not create life–God is Life.

Excerpt from The Many Waters, by Lauretta Lueck

He just extended his Energy and his Life into what was to become the heaven and the earth, and with the power of this thought, through the laws of evolution, he said, “Let there be…and there was…and let there bring forth…and it brought forth.”

Every living plant and creature has in it that mysterious instinct to survive and to recreate itself into perfection. What makes a certain plant, over the millennia, decide that it will start eating the bug that lands on it? What makes that cute little succulent decide that it is going to grow round, lay low and resemble a pebble in the sand? What makes an insect, over the course of time, change to look like a twig on a tree, or like a leaf fluttering in the breeze?

For that matter, why does the dandelion in the lawn hug the ground so the lawnmower blades can’t reach it while the one in the flowerbed strive to reach the sky?

Behind all of creation, and all that exists, there is thought.

Except from The Many Waters, Chapter One.

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