Exercise in “Thought”


It is two years since my mother, the author of The Many Waters, passed away. The Many Waters was her life’s work, and in honour of her work I want to share and teach you what she learned. I’ll be including excerpts from her book in the coming posts, of which may take months to share. If you have any questions please ask; I’ll try to answer them. If you want to buy the book I’ll be delighted to send you one; again, just ask.
Note: Key words that will be studied closer will be bolded

In my last post I said we would cover the topics of Light and Water; but I think a further discussion of thought is important to include here.

Thought and Creativity


“In the beginning God created….” Genesis 1:1

To create means to bring something into existence by one’s own thought and imagination.

The Mind of minds was not—and is not—a God of religion. It was humankind that thought up religion. God the Creator is a scientist, the original one. He is the source of all the sciences.

The cosmos took a great deal of thought, planning, and a vivid imagination. We can only marvel at the creativity of nature—the animate and the inanimate, and the starry night sky. From this main source of creativity we too are marvelous creations and we are gods that can think and plan and imagine the most phenomenal of concepts.

For by him were all things created, that are in heaven, and that are in earth, visible and invisible, whether they be thrones, or dominions, or principalities, or powers: all things were created by him, and for him:
Colossians 1:16

All these things you did establish in your wisdom. You did appoint all your works before ever creating them. (The Dead Sea Scrolls: The Hymns)2

Creativity is basically an instinctive drive for perfection, and it is in every living plant and animal. It is that constant need, conscious or unconscious, throughout the eons of time to change form, to adapt, or to change course and strive for improvement. It is called evolution.

Evolution is a creative, God-given process, and creativity requires thought.

God created the process of evolution as the main physical law of the cosmos. God did not create energy and its many forces of light—God is Light. God did not create life—God is Life. He just extended his Energy and his Life into what was to become the heaven and the earth, and with the power of his thought, through the laws of evolution, he said, “Let there be…and there was…and let it bring forth…and it brought forth.”

Every living plant and creature has in it that mysterious instinct to survive and to recreate itself into perfection. What makes a certain plant, over the millennia, decide that it will start eating the bug that lands on it? What makes a cute little succulent decide that it is going to grow round, lay low and resemble a pebble in the sand? What makes an insect, over the course of time, change to look like a dry twig on a tree, or like a leaf fluttering in the breeze? For that matter, why does the dandelion in the lawn hug the ground so the lawnmower blades can’t reach it while the one in the flowerbed strives to reach the sky? Behind all of creation, and all that exists, there is thought.

Humans, and other animals, think through physical brains, and thinking is a vibration. When we think—and we think all of the time, day and night, because energy does not rest—our brains produce electrical impulses known as brain waves. These waves, in turn, produce cycles called alpha, beta, theta, and delta: from wide-awake, or outer consciousness, to a deep sleep.

While in the alpha state, we can become one with our inner self (spirit). Alpha is the state conducive to relaxation, peacefulness, gaining knowledge and wisdom, and especially for prayer and meditation. In other words, it promotes creative thought and that is the God in us.

Before I close on the subject of creativity, I would like to introduce an exercise that I learned many years ago. This exercise helped me realize just how powerful thought can be.

2 G. Vermes, The Dead Sea Scrolls in English (England: Penguin Books, 1962), p. 191.


My mom ( Lauretta Lueck) used to do this simple (or is it?) exercise a lot and I remember trying it many many times but I was never successful. So let’s see if you do it 🙂

This exercise helped me realize just how powerful thought can be.

Choose a nice sunny day, but with a few fluffy white clouds in the sky.

Find a quiet, comfortable spot to sit or lie where you have a good view of the sky. Choose a cloud. It should be a large cloud that does not appear to be moving.

Now concentrate on that cloud. At that moment, it is your cloud; you become one with that cloud. Keep your eyes on it and concentrate!

Then with your eyes, slice it down the middle. Keep slicing – and stay calm.

As you slice with your eyes and your mind, the cloud will separate down the middle. It might take awhile on your first try, but eventually you will gain confidence. Then in a minute or two you can go around slicing clouds.

Try more! Pick another cloud and bore a hole in it – right through the middle. You can do it!

You can shape the cloud any way you wish. When you become really good at this exercise, choose a spot in the sky that has no clouds and in the clear blue emptiness envision a cloud. Keep your image strong and don’t let go of it. A cloud will begin to materialize. Then, picture in your mind that the cloud be gone. It will not move to the right or left; it will just evaporate.

What you are dealing with is only vapor and dust, but think of how far away it is in physical terms. Thought has no boundaries. The mind knows no time or distance.

Review: Go back to the discussion on GOD and Genesis and review the discussion of the words: beginning, matter, energy.
The ‘Beginning’ What does that mean?



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