What is GOD?


Last week we looked at the beginning; specifically we examined the word, ‘begin‘ and ‘beginning‘. But there are other words that I want to emphasize in addition to: matter, cosmos. Let’s add: Energy, Light, Mind, and Life.
These words are highly important. Let’s just keep them in mind for now as we move forward.

What is God?
Who is God?
Where is God?

Today we examine the question, What is God?

The author of The Many Waters goes on to say,

God is neither male nor female, but before I continue I must emphasize that I will stay with the convention and refer to God as he. Throughout the history of most people and nations that believe in God, the Supreme Being is a male, a Father image. This has always been the thought and practice in Judaism, the source of our Bible.

What is God?

Who is God?

Where is God?

God is Energy. God is Light. God is the Energy of all energy and Light of all light — the Main Powerhouse! He is Conscious Energy, the Soul of all souls, the Mind of all minds and all our mental processes. He is the Life of all life. He is the source of all that exists.

We do not know what energy is. We know how to use some forces of energy, but we don’t know how it originated or where it comes from. Energy is the all-embracing power of the universe, and it cannot be destroyed. It exists and there is no other explanation for it, a mystery that will never be resolved. Our cosmos is made of matter, all of it, but there can be no matter without energy for matter is a form of energy.
That is WHAT God is.

The highest intensity of energy is life and all other forms of energy exist only to accommodate life.

Within the forces of life there is mind, consciousness, and soul. These are one and the same, with many variations. All life, be it human, animal or plant has some form of mind. Memory, emotions, feelings; these too are forces of energy, but we don’t know what energy is.

We will stop here for now. I know this appears all too simple and basic – but we need to build the foundation of what is to come. Stay with me, because I promise you more; much more. Next, Who is God?


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